LSESU Pride Alliance has the following guidelines to ensure any events run by  LGBT+ Officers are accessible to disabled1 students.

  1. Like all Welfare and Liberation Officers, LGBT+ Officers should actively express that students can speak to them about any issues and are clear about the ways in which they are able to help them, and signposting them to more qualified people in an event where they feel unable to support them;
  2. Event organisers2 should liaise with either the LSESU Pride Alliance committee ensure that they are sensitive to issues concerning students with disabilities;
  3. Event organisers should provide access statements for all events they run so that disabled students/students with particular access needs are aware of whether the events are accessible to them, and clearly signpost these for students, as well as a contact address if students have accessibility concerns not mentioned in the statement;
  4. Access needs vary among disabled students, and can even be in contradiction, so event organisers should be aware that not all events can necessarily be made accessible to all students. However, event organisers should seek to balance different types of events to ensure different access needs are being equally catered for as much as possible. For example, pre-drinks may be inaccessible to students needing alcohol-free or low-sensory events; committee members should ensure as far as possible that such events are balanced by alcohol-free and lower-sensory events, such as LGBTea, coffee meet-ups and/or discussion groups3;
  5. Where an access issue is raised e.g. by a student with a particular access need contacting an event organiser, they should attempt to ensure that this need is accommodated for, and should explicitly mention in access statements/event descriptions if this is not possible;
  6. Should you wish to raise any concerns, you can contact the society at

  1. The term “disabled students” refers in the terms understood by LSESU Pride Alliance and by the LSESU, i.e. an inclusive definition defined by self-identification, supportive of self-diagnosis, and comprising a range of disability experiences including physical, visual, hearing, and mobility-related disability, mental health issues, chronic illness, neurodivergence (e.g. autism and ADHD), specific learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia and dyspraxia), and more.
  2. “Event organisers” refers to any LSESU Pride Alliance committee member or LGBT+ Welfare officer of LSESU that organises an event.
  3. This is, however, not an exhaustive list.